Your Preferred
Payment Partner

ReliaFund believes strongly in the power of partners,
affiliates and alliances. We have partnerships with
software developers and publishers, payment
affiliates and independent sales organizations.

Our partners tell us we’re easy to do business with,
and that’s a reputation we’re committed to keep.
From a simple start-up, to development and marketing
tools that make sense, we’re here to support you.


Supercharge Your Payment Functions

We’re seeking independent software developers and publishers
with payment-related business applications.

ReliaFund payment processing functions enable your users to safely and effectively move money from within your application using ACH, credit card or check scanning. Add our payment expertise, integration tools and marketing resources and you’ll be better positioned to grow your subscriber base.

• Server & Merchant API’s
• Test environment -Test accounts
• Sample Code
• Web Services for transactions and reports
• Customer portal

Affiliates and ISOs Wanted

ReliaFund is seeking Affiliates and Independent Sales
Organizations (ISOs) to join our growing partner network.

Affiliates market ReliaFund products and services with their
own product mixes, to enhance and complement their overall
offerings. ReliaFund can provide value-add components that
expand markets and create more powerful solutions.

Independent Sales Organizations will find much to
like in the ReliaFund line of services and applications.
Sales-oriented firms can expand their “sales bag” easily
with ReliaFund’s proven payment processing line-up.


Contact Us to Learn More

We’re constantly adding new products and services as we
continue to grow – bringing you even more reasons to partner with us.
Contact ReliaFund to discuss your specific technical and business needs.